Assist A Student

The Assist a Student program gives you the opportunity to provide the funding for an education scholarship to train and educate a student in one of St Vincent de Paul Society’s partner countries for one year.

Your school can sponsor a child’s education. Your donation of only $70 will be matched with a student from one of our partner countries. You will be informed of the student’s name, country and course of study.

The program includes students at all levels – from primary, secondary and post-secondary. Scholarships are allocated across the countries to ensure fair distribution.

One of the program’s strongest and most attractive features is that administration costs, funded by the Society are kept at an absolute minimum, so nothing is deducted from the $70 for such costs. One hundred per cent goes towards the student’s education needs (including course fees, uniforms, books etc) for one year.

Who benefits from Assist a Student?

Throughout our partner countries, local St Vincent de Paul Society members select students from families in need to be supported by the program. They receive a scholarship for one year and the money donated contributes to their education needs. Poverty is a vicious cycle. In many Asia Pacific countries poverty means talented individuals lack opportunities. Educating a person develops self-esteem and skills and in turn has a positive effect on the whole community. Education is the key to enabling an individual to independently support themselves, their families and their communities in the future.


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