Becoming a volunteer member is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a leading community organisation offering ‘a hand up’ to families, children and young people who may be experiencing hardship or are underrepresented within the community.  As a volunteer member you will make new connections, be challenged and learn new skills all while supporting to build your community. As a grassroots organisation volunteer members are integral, making up the majority of our workforce, we could not do this with out you.

Throughout the year we offer various opportunities from one off or short term engagements to longer 12 month engagements.

We have a number of ways you can get involved with us; below are a list of current vacancies we have across Queensland.


We understand that not everyone is able to volunteer their time but would still like to join in supporting young people in their community. Below are some ideas around how else you may like to get involved.

Provide Training Support

Help us train our dedicated volunteer members, around topics such as first aid, mental health, program management, leadership, defensive driver, and other skills-base training. This could be an ongoing partnership or a one-off engagement.

Provide Financial Support

The running costs of our community engagements vary, you could provide support for us to deliver one session or annual support. Donate Today

Provide Equipment/Materials and Goods in Kind

  • Transportation – Buses help provide transportation to camps and other outings. This could either be a donation of using your organisations buses, or through assisting us to purchase a 12-seater bus.
  • Equipment – purchase of specific sports equipment, games, craft resources, first aid equipment, esky’s, sun protection clothing etc. needed to support the running of community engagements and camps.
  • Technology – software, child management database, website, iPads, laptops, mobiles, apps, cameras, tripods, microphones etc. needed to support the running of community engagements and camps.
  • Clothing – Provide access to organise our own branded clothing and hats to support volunteer members
  • Buildings/Space – Provide regular or on off access to spaces for training or program days

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