SENSE Youth Mentoring Program

Our youth mentoring program, known as SENSE, is a program run by young people, for young people. SENSE aims to create a vibrant community and support network where kids can feel safe and valued. The program is designed to be fun, encouraging and based around building a young persons assets through positive relationships and mentoring.

What is SENSE Youth Mentoring?

The SENSE Youth Mentoring Program is a mentoring program providing support, encouragement and positive role models for young people between the ages of 13-17 who are socially isolated or who have been affected by a significant family, or environmental event. The mentoring program incorporates elements of adventure-based learning and developmental relationships that volunteers facilitate through the program. Depending on the area, the SENSE Youth Mentoring can facilitate different elements of the program such as community days, mentoring catchups and camps. Community of volunteers hold outings that promote healthy relationships, emotional intelligence and self-esteem.

Who is SENSE Youth Mentoring for?

The SENSE Youth Mentoring Program is for young people aged 13-17 years and come from a variety of backgrounds. These young people have been identified as in need of additional support and would benefit from community development. Our SENSE Youth Mentees are typically referred by members of the local conferences. Young people may also be referred to the SENSE mentoring program from other departments within the St Vincent de Paul Society, as well as external agencies and direct contact from families seeking support.

SENSE Youth Mentoring aims to develop a young persons


Volunteer Testimonials

Lobezno’s Testimonial

They say that teenagers are the hardest to parent. Yet for all the difficulty the 13-17 age group brings, being involved with youths of such enormous potential is by far the most rewarding aspect of working with the Vinnies Sense Program. The chance to connect with youths and mentor them to grow in character and life, regardless of background, is what inspires me to keep alight the flame inspired by St Vincent de Paul.

Kirsty’s Testimonial

Sense Youth mentoring group offers so much more than just respite for Parents or a fund day for youth, it offers so much I am Not even sure of where to begin. Young people can fall between the cracks for one reason or another, maybe they are labelled difficult at a young age or they have trouble assimilating with others they attend school with. Sometime they just don’t gave anyone to look up to as a role model or somewhere they feel comfortable to ask for help.

Sense youth mentoring works at closing the ever increasing gap for the youth that find themselves in these shoes. After all lets face it, you don’t know what you don’t know, and how are you meant to learn when there isn’t anyone around to show or teach you.

That is where Sense plays such a vital role in so many young people lives, with a group of passionate and caring Mentors ready to inspire it facilitates a safe space that nurtures growth and independence.

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